The Secret Life: Revealed

I'm Isabella, but you can call me Isa. I'm a fifteen year old girl who one day woke up
and decided she wanted to bake. So I made my way to Pier 1 Imports and bought
myself a light blue spatula with a daisy on it, an adorable circular red timer, and
a mitten with a zillion different shades of pink, purple and red.

Growing up in a Hispanic househould, cooking was always happening around me. My grandma (Nonna)
and my mum were always cooking something up in the kitchen. Whether it be Pesto Pasta
(my all-time favorite dish), Risotto with mushrooms or even the simple french fries, I was
over fed. And I loved it. Trust me, if I wasn't such a workout-aholic, I would probably weigh
over 300 pounds.

Other than baking, my hobbies include singing (with my guitar Lily or my guitar Sirius Albus Rupert Watson),
and writing.
I have a dog that everyday begs to be the "food-tester" but I decline his request...most of the time.

Cooking and baking has completely been a trial & error process for me, filled with bad food & my kitchen
looking like World War II.
I love to travel and taste new and different foods. I'm horribly jealous of anyone who has that as a job.

So I hope you join this messy, mess up-filled journey with me, and enter the secret life of the teenage baker.